Smiling Creek Elementary opened Sept 4, 2018 bringing 430 new student spaces to Burke Mountain.

“Everything that I promised has been delivered and I am so pleased with the way that the school district is running.”

Since being elected in 2014 our Board has been successful in:

  • Maintaining graduation rates that are #2 province wide, nearly 7% higher than the Provincial average.
  • Repaying $13.4 Million of debt.
  • Building Smiling Creek Elementary, planning an additional elementary and a combined middle/secondary and purchasing land for five schools on Burke Mountain.
  • Completing seismic rebuilds of Centennial Secondary, Eagle Mountain Middle, Moody Middle and Banting Middle.
  • Constructing seismic upgrades and additions at many other locations throughout the district.
  • Hiring more teachers and support staff than ever before (with declining enrollment).
  • Eliminating teacher lay-offs.
  • Developing excellent relationships with partner groups and meeting with them regularly.
  • Establishing a transparent Finance & Audit Committee.
  • Establishing a new budget process so partner groups can provide feedback before the preliminary budget is developed.
  • Reviewing programs to ensure efficient use of resources: Education Assistants; Human Resources; Payroll; Facilities maintenance.
  • Developing Directions 2020 – Strategic Goals and Objectives for the district.